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We have never written a press release – the press has come to us @SirenMobi #startupgrind #sirengrind #dating

3:58am Feb 26 2015 —

What benefit does swiping people offer to humanity? #sirengrind CEO @SusieLeeSeattle #dating

3:35am Feb 26 2015 —

If you feel like a human being when you are on @SirenMobi then that’s success #sirengrind@SusieLeeSeattle #dating

3:33am Feb 26 2015 —

.@SirenMobi as social enabler: “If you feel safe then you can feel good reaching out to people.” @SusieLeeSeattle #sirengrind

3:30am Feb 26 2015 —

.@SusieLeeSeattle asks: “what adjectives would you use to describe a woman that you wouldn’t use for a man?” #sirengrind #womenintech

3:26am Feb 26 2015 —

RT @SirenMobi: “In digital media, how do you use technology to amplify human connection?” – @SusieLeeSeattle at @SeattleGrind #sirengrind

3:17am Feb 26 2015 —

Have an idea? Speak it out loud and the world will hold you accountable. @SirenMobi @SusieLeeSeattle #sirengrind

3:16am Feb 26 2015 —

RT @SeattleGrind: @reifman @SirenMobi @SusieLeeSeattle we started using #seattlegrind but I like your approach! Let’s do it! #sirengrind

3:15am Feb 26 2015 —

.@SeattleGrind listening to @SirenMobi CEO @SusieLeeSeattle for which there is not yet a hashtag. Let’s try: #sirengrind

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