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First moment at #gwstartupday younger folks in front of me got wrist stamps for alcohol, I was told: “you’ll be okay” #notcarded

6:08pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @stevebanfield: Great “rule of 50” from founder of @JoinKoru — establish startup culture early, before you hire 50th employee #gwstartu…

5:47pm Jan 30 2015 —

.@kristen_hammy says build culture where it’s okay not to have the answers #gwstartupday

5:41pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @JaclynReiner: I love that @rahulsood emphasized having a diverse team men & women. #startupadvice #gwstartupday

5:23pm Jan 30 2015 —

.@rahulsood @geekwire #gwstartupday says marry a rich spouse #entrepreneurialsecrets

5:22pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @moniguzman: At #gwstartupday? Take note: 15 habits of a bad networker…

5:05pm Jan 30 2015 —

.@mayor_ed_murray says he wanted to be a mayor since he was aged 5 #Seattle #gwstartupday

5:02pm Jan 30 2015 —

At #gwstartupday @mayor_ed_murray predicts #Seahawks win. Mayor of Boston bets day of service in winner’s hometown

4:59pm Jan 30 2015 —

Looking forward to Friday’s @geekwire #gwstartupday

5:14am Jan 30 2015 —