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RT @lookaheadio: “avenues by which we used to meet & build relationships in real life have been slowly closed off by our technologies” http…

6:07am Mar 30 2015 —

RT @lewiskamb: Times analysis: Local aerospace companies that cash in on WA tax breaks pay very low wages… via @domin…

5:01am Mar 30 2015 —

@tarah serious cat toy here for frankie…

2:42am Mar 30 2015 —

RT @tim_cook: There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.…

2:32am Mar 30 2015 —

@waldojaquith I grew up with harness horses – mostly racing in late 80s so I assume they’ve all passed – I hate to think how they passed …

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@RachelRayns: No girls have applied to @Raspberry_Pi‘s Creative Technologists yet. This makes me sad.

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@waldojaquith you have a 31 yr old horse? serious?

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RT @twinkelnews: More than 2,300 sea lions on Astoria docks

9:04pm Mar 29 2015 —

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Sunday reading: “despite our smiles, #seattle can be a passive-aggressive, cold-shouldered kind of place.”…

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