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RT @KrishG: by your first meeting, do you know if you will invest ? #gwstartupday

9:54pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @pammilpr: @johncook How many women entrepreneurs have pitched our VC panelists in the last year? #gwstartupday

9:54pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @misslyndseyp: #pitchadvice Spend less time talking about what you do and more about why it matters #gwstartupday

9:54pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @katierogers: Björk photo/headline treatment on the NYT HP is striking and awesome

9:40pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @bhankes: Surefield will help you sell your house in Seattle for a total commission of 1.5% Wow! #gwstartupday

9:39pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @grmeyer: Skip the tech hiring interview screen? EdRepublic says “yes!” #gwstartupday

9:32pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @SmokeFreeLife: We “vet” engineers for recruiters. “We give you data from diverse sources. No more phone screens.”…

9:32pm Jan 30 2015 —

RT @tarah: Just passed $11k. What in heaven is happening with this @Kickstarter. #mindblown #WomenInTechBook…

9:09pm Jan 30 2015 —

@jseattle loss lingers

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@jseattle Bauhaus … Old one so unique irreplaceable

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